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A man lives not only his personal life, as an individual, but also, consciously or unconsciously, the life of his epoch and his contemporaries. Con la voz del hombre no solo se transmite el conocimiento, sino la dicha y la desdicha del pasado. While the man's voice passes not only knowledge, but also the joy and pain of the past. Excuse me, but it can make a man not only curse, but howl like a dog.

A lonely man

Not only can this man speak, he can think! However, because of structural discrimination, the work women do in the home is seen as unskilled and less valuable to society, meaning that men not only receive higher earnings but also more recognition for their contribution. So our guy not only misreads the house as empty, but he cracks a kid's skull for going for a phone that he knows is cut.

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  • Translation of "un hombre solo" in English.
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Este hombre no Solo necesita admiración, la ansia. This guy doesn't just need admiration, he craves it. El hombre no solo renunció. The man didn't just quit.

En cuanto a la definición de desastre, una distinción estricta entre los desastres naturales y los causados por el hombre no solo es difícil sino también innecesaria, habida cuenta de la necesidad de prestar especial atención a la protección de las personas. Concerning the definition of disasters, it was not only difficult to draw a strict distinction between natural and man-made disasters but also unnecessary, given the need to focus on the protection of persons.

El hombre no sólo es fotógrafo, sino que hace parrillada.

This guy is not only a photographer, he can also make a barbecue. Pero el hombre no sólo trabaja. But man isn't all work. Esos hombres no solo eran mi guardia personal. These men are not just my personal guards. The German people are as one man.


Enfermedad, diagnóstico y receta, todo de un solo hombre. Disease, diagnosis, and prescription from one man. Son muchos demonios para un solo hombre.


Translation of "solo un hombre" in English

That's a lot of demons for one man. Mandan a un solo hombre para detener esto. They send one man to stop this. Este regimiento debe moverse como un solo hombre. This regiment must learn to move as one man. Yo sabía que me estaba perdiendo un solo hombre. I knew I was missing one man. I am a one-man dust machine.

Un hombre solo (English translation)

I will be a one-man glass factory. Es horrible conocer un solo hombre en tu vida que sabe lo que vales. It's terrible to only meet one man in life who knows what you're worth. Remington Steele agency is far more than one man officer. You can't expect to have everything from one man.

hombre no solo - Translation into English - examples Spanish | Reverso Context

Cómo un solo hombre pudo causar tanto daño How one man could cause so much damage Pero un solo hombre no puede detener el progreso así, Drew. But one man can't stand in the way of progress like this, Drew. Creo que es negocio de un solo hombre. I think it's a one-man business.